The Works of Catherine Berendsohn



World Peace-

A site to find the global peace events in your area, join the movement.

This is where the Blue Flame Planetary Grid Ceremony is listed for 2016

Happehatchee Center

This sacred site on the West Coast of Florida will host the Blue Flame Ceremony 2016 

Masaoka Glass design

Find the extraordinary work of stained glass artist Alan Masaoka of Carmel Valley, California.

Website created by Catherine Berendsohn

The Ripplewood King

Fine Ripplewood carvings by artist Mark Schlegel.

Artist's website created by Catherine Berendsohn


Recommended Viewing

These documentaries are recommended viewing as they are illustrations of the forces that are currently effecting the world. They are views of the many facets that need to be addressed to create a sustainable future and a more just society. These seemingly different topics are in fact all inter-related, when connected we see a portrait of our world, our pain, our needs, and our greatness. We begin to see each other. We SeE ourselves.