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On Dealing with the Patriarchy

Withdraw, stop being "nice", trying to explain, they enjoy it at your expense, they like thinking you are stupid on some level to still be dealing with them at all, after convincing you to take off your clothes, making you feel so wrong but confused because it had been silver tounged as empowerment in your innocence, think you are cute when you are mad because they want to fantasize about using your lips instead of notice the pain of your soul when you express your anger on behalf of gross feeling to be drowned in.

Shame you because they managed to use you like that, little girl, cross the dotted line, you are 18, you are 27, you are 29, we will use that to our advantage...

And money. That is such an insult. It represents real living things, that matter, that give life, like water, and land, and animals and me, and you call it the pie, Resources, make up a representation system. You use my own representation to say I have no access to my support systems.

Even as you exploit me, and the water, and the land, and the animals, to use because you have made up a dollar.

No. There are things that need to be done, I must be supported, if you knew what was good for you, you'd throw it behind me, to get these things done. You would celebrate me, even surviving this ongoing atrocity, teaching me to silence even my care to be able to just move in my day. I understand the need, but the only way to move inertia is to push it. You must have a will to move, which means an understanding why, that is a catalyst for change. Or the state stays the same.

The issue is, the atrocity goes so far as to steal that bouncing joy you like to demean with under recognition from my eyes, and if it goes it means it is leaving us all, because no, I am not alone, the atrocity mounts Mammoth and Vast and incomprehensibly high. It is that wide, that common, and that costly, to people all around making life possible and worth living by their joy to be here that must not be extinguished.

The issue is, the atrocity goes so far as to steal the ability to move. The loss of it means, no eyes to light at a new morning. No feeling in sacred beloved places or in presence with sacred beloved people. It steals will to exist, to live, so eventually kills that which changes.

That which is capable of killing the joyful or ability to move in a compassionate person is so high a horror its need for the breaking of inertia is that much more critical. And the one who usually pushes is dying from it.

You'd better care, for extinguishing those sparks, snuffing out those eyes, means the end of life needed in the world. 

I think this is the reality of leadership. It is about recognizing reality. Knowing what makes value is what makes humanizing. This is why Feminine leadership is the only way to be a good and sound, true leader of what really is needed to be overseen.

The "not caring" of the Patriarchy has failed its stolen charge in its false overthrow of Feminine Principles, of the rights of all SELVES, or the sovereignty to be honored and supported in all living things.

Women's independence and intellectual capability has been historically insulted by being called "child-like" because you have been in the toxic masculinity veneration so damnably "privileged" and arrogantly wrong, to great evil result, by labeling a sweet disposition or love of innocent things foolish. But the correlation is there, for a much more complimentary reality, of being "feminine", and "child-like", and the caring for other beings seen as lesser, such as animals or living things, seen as "sweet" but simple minded. In truth, the Common Passion I have seen of other life forms from my Woman's perspective, has to do with recognizing deeper realities, a joy at all consciousness as they appear and share our life-knowing in our Garden of the World of Life.

I am like a child because I did not forget that I am one, and we are a gravity to be born in cherishing at the arrival of our awareness to the world of existence. I share in that, no matter the form, not needing to belittle it for any form it takes.

Except, of course, when I get educated in a Patriarchal view of how inaccurate I am, that I am given the "Male Gaze" interpretation-as-God, to shove down my throat no questions asked, because that has been the way of the world for thousands of years, so that's how it is.

Actually, it has been the Feminine way of life birthed in presence for millennia, before you sought to so confine it, exploit it for your loftier conclusions, and sell it at Walmart. After paving over my pine trees.

Because you know what to do with life, after all.

It's progress, baby.

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