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Copy of The Million Women's March on Washington

I will begin this blog with my journal entry for the day:

I am quieted by what I have witnessed today.

It was such a day, it overwhelmed me, I sobbed at one point tucked away, for the reason this is necessary, and when I felt lost, separated from family. I did not work the grounding womb energy as much as I thought. Instead I was arrested by it all, what broke me to see myself in a thousand, million faces, in little girls on the shoulders of their fathers, what I don't want them all to inherit, I saw the free spirit of pre-teens and the dignity of slow moving elder women, in grandmothers and gay men and women, and women in hijabs and the striking beauty of black women with dashing grins, in youth with solemn glances, holding signs for the women of the earth-

In men who understood that this is for them, real men respect women, and the power was considerate in the overwhelming press of bodies, calling out together to help someone overcome by the strain who'd fainted, amazing women, doctors and nurses emerging amongst us. The Pacific Islanders, the drum giving me healing, when my energy had dropped for recognizing what need this all was for, the reality of oppression that brought us to this, and more, I felt choked to see...

So, so, so far, more people than I must have ever been able to see before in my life. As it dawned on me, beneath the Monument, each sign a salve for the cut of the millions of slaps and slices of the messages that eroded my sense of worth-

It rose slow, and a tear brimmed and fell. And I felt its link after the lost times of agony to tears, and how deeply I was not made to live that way. And after that life crushing tyranny I really could not overthrow, here all of them, here they were- here we were.

And that, is the closest I reach to a feeling so full of comprehension, of preciousness, loss, and salve, that I can feel it is enough. Even if it can only impress a sense that is a surface to the real meaning of that moment. Of all that is locked into that tear.


     Marching on Washington was an imperative in the eroding face of tyranny being handed the keys to the free world, and it was an Answer to the hurled hate, breaking violations, disruptions and terrors that have mounted in my life for my sentence of being born a woman in a world not equipped to hold up to the decency required to support such a miracle as someone so beautiful, real and pure as a Woman really is. And this past weekend, I felt stunned not by ignored cruelty, but a massiveness of decency, respect, and kindness, of sharp and smart company, of capability and self conduct that amounted to a tidal wave force that was clear and uplifting and astonishing in its sweep, scope, and inclusion for all.

I spent the day with the women of my family, my mother and aunts. We'd come to Washington D.C. the night before by plane. We were staying with my Aunt Janice who lives in Washington D.C. and I could not be prouder to have shared in the making of history with them. This was the largest protest in history. And it is happening in answer to a great need. That need has to do with the suppressive forces systematically enforced against women across the face of our culture, and our world. In the engrained unquestioned ubiquitous beliefs, that shape how women are objectified and used, held in suspicion and under estimated, assaulted and silenced.

It is time for the truth to rise.

The Truth speaks the loudest even at a whisper.

How much do they not see us?


Fundamentally this great movement of a woman's march has taken place because the Commander and Chief who has just been sworn into office did not even slow down when it was released across the airwaves of our country and the world that he had bragged about grabbing women by the "pussy". And now I have searched for the "twelve or so" women that have come forward, and here is the list:


There are twenty-three examples here of complaints filed.


In a 1992 Entertainment Tonight video, Donald Trump greets a group of young girls at Trump Tower and then brags to the camera: "I am going to be dating her in ten years. Can you believe it?" Major Garrett has more.

president Donald Trump On Tape: I Grab Women "By The Pu**y" A "hot mic" catches Donald J. Trump bragging in vulgar terms about making sexual advances toward a married woman, aggressively kissing and groping other women, and boasting that "when you're a star they let you do it." 

I know what it is like to come forward and even if you have not there is no reason for you to hold guilt upon yourself. There is no shame upon you for being attacked and your life devastated or demeaned because of horrifying abuses perpetuated by these criminals, the shame is on this entire culture that allows for, normalizes, and devastatingly supports rape, violation, and misogyny. Protection Status