The Works of Catherine Berendsohn
Everglades Tamiami Trail Stop ROGG Exhibit 758.JPG

Copy of Landscapes

Stop the River of Grass Greenway- A Call from the Everglades. See this "disturbed" environment that is currently being paved over, trampled, and pumped by the thousands of acres at the Centennial Anniversary to the National Parks of America. See the spirit of the living beings of our World Heritage site by the living clouds, air, water, plants and animals. See, and let our message speak by how much damage is done without a backwards thought. Without a word. And it is gone. What is already missing as you look? What is no longer there? Do you look at life or ghosts too early made as the lives have been stolen in these passing months? You would never notice without a frozen image. Sometimes the loudest things are in the silences. In the birds that no longer are clouds across the sun. Sometimes in the silence that is sliced by a storming engine. Which of these things does not belong... and what did? Do you have a clu?

"I whisper in a thousand silences, held in my own loving embraces for a thousand times a thousand years. And now in one silence, your missing voice for Me, I am gone. Do not throw me away, I am crying. I love my children. They throw away themselves, for they forgot how to listen, to the teaching of silences. And by their deafness to my cries, will they be gone where I cannot give to them anymore." Protection Status