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Filming for The Power of a Seed


See the bottom of the page for contact details!!!

ACTORS are needed for the filming of the short film "The Power of a Seed" in which parallels will be drawn between the witch trials of Europe with the rise of the Medical Establishment and Dominion of the Institutionalized powers of the Catholic Church in those times, with the current day oppressive controls of pharmaceutical companies and GMO generating operations such as Monsanto.

SEEKING- Men and Women of a range of ages with Anglo-Saxon or lighter skin coloring, all hair colors as long as they are not artificial colors (no blue or pink for this, you would need a natural colored wig) 


INTERIOR, MORNING. Light pours in with the sounds of birds and nature. It is a peaceful, happy morning. Sunlight on the whitewashed wall is like a Vermeer painting, it is pure and simple. A woman well versed in herbal knowledge is teaching a young woman who may be her niece or daughter about the plants and how to prepare them. She shows the girl with mortar and pestle what to do. It is an intimate and gentle moment, a woman passing on her wisdom. Camera zooms into details of grinding hands, smiles, eyes turned down, gazing at the work, the fresh herbs. It backs up to take in the space, the light on the wall, and their connection to each other in the clean lines of the room.


EXTERIOR, AFTERNOON. Tall trees witness the angry unfolding of the brutal scene like solemn columns in the wood. It is shady, a wall of people in dark clothes wear darker expressions as they raise their pale fists and yell "witch!" "BURN THE WITCH!" "Mistress of SATAN!" and other slurs at the quiet form tied to a tall pole with bundles of wood and twig around it. Men stack on more bundles. It is the young woman who was learning from her Aunt. She stares ahead looking at no one. Her eyes are wide but she tries not to move. The voices fade to an angry receded noise, the camera zooms in on details. A bearded man seems rabid as he spits vehement words, it zooms in on the edge of mouth and beard, the hatred in a woman's eyes, a baton of wood thrust into the air. The camera seems to recede and zoom into the girl's face again, as though all sound and things slow down. The man standing next to her is speaking to the crowd, holding a torch. He slowly lowers his arm. Now focused on her eyes, the arm with the brand passes across her, lowering to light the pier. A tear fills her eye and falls, she looks up to the sky-




Women: Wear long skirts to the ankle, long sleeved shirts with modest necklines like a scoop neck. Black or dark solid colors, white skirts can go underneath as underskirts. White aprons, white bonnets would work well, possibly black and white scarves. Black closed toe shoes, flat or low heel, black boots or performance shoes acceptable. 

Men: Long pants, no jeans, only fabric dark pants, black, white long sleeve shirts, historic tunic in white preferred, long sleeves, dark jacket, vest, long hair pulled back in pony tail, dark string ties, black boots or close toed shoes. Think Pilgrim. 


Also seeking an actor who is a muscular black man to perform as an Australian Aborigine dancing in a trance. 

Native American man to play a medicine man, possibly can be performed by an hispanic man, seeking man with long hair, preferred but not necessary.

This is not paid work it is volunteer based and focused on building film portfolios.

How to Contact:

Please submit a headshot (phone photo is fine) and email to: AND leave a voice mail message stating your interest and contact info at 305-859-1278

And PLEASE add yourself to the Facebook group, this will be the best way to reach out and stay up to date. I'd like people to introduce themselves and it will help me prepare things I need for shooting beforehand. 

Thank you for your cooperation

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