The Works of Catherine Berendsohn

Rising Tides

I call upon the wisdom of my ancient blood. My home is in South Florida. I am a third generation born native of Miami, but my roots come from Scandinavia from a very long time ago. My family has been in this land a long time for the immigrants, since the pilgrims came, and even before, my ancestor Leif Eriksson was here before Columbus invaded. Now it is time to wake up and realize we have forgotten the ancient way of respecting our Mother Earth as our ancestors did. And we will pay the ultimate sacrifice unless we act to restore the balance of the Earth. The ice of Scandinavia is melting. It is coming. We must honor the Paris Agreement and put the Carbon back in the ground world wide if my home now, here, in South Florida is to have a chance. We must realize our greatest opportunity for resilience is if we are responsible for the melting ice and change of climate, because then we have the chance to counteract it.

We must act now, before all is lost. Wake up! Wake up! THE ICE MELTS! The WATER is coming!

Photography by Gloria Dingeldein

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