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The Power of a Seed

The Power of a Seed


Deep V-Neck Tee by Canvas

This comfortable unisex t-shirt is made of the softest 100% cotton fabric. It features a stylish, deep-plunged neckline that is deeper than a traditional v-neck.

This shirt sports the line drawing featured for "The Power of a Seed" blog article that highlights the interconnection between the attack on the medicine women of Europe during the Witch craze, and its roots as the early history that lead to the current big Pharma reign that is still practicing subversive bully tactics today. The grassroots opposition of the current Marches Against Monsanto echo many themes of the women's network that was subversive at the time of the overthrow of the indigenous women's healing practices of early Europe. This article details the connection of the history of the control of women with control of fertility and the control of the reproduction of nature for narrow profit that often comes with dangerous outcomes. It is a personal account of involvement with the uprising of the Anti-Monsanto Movement. This is the story of the power of a seed.

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XS - 2XL


100% cotton

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