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Community Center Mural in Little Haiti


Watch the video about this great service project for the Little Haiti Optimist Club at Soar Park-

On Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015, I got to join artist Jerry Stecca and to work on his project for this great community center in Little Haiti. We really made his design pop with the outline of black, a sleek black with an even sleeker name: Limousine Leather. I really liked adding the touch of the artist's hand, and I got to run with Jerry's decision that he liked artful drips as a garnish to the morphic lines. I felt this was a good practice run and it was satisfying seeing how a small addition to such a huge space, can have such a big impact. The lines really finished it off and brought out the color play. I love using black to heighten everything. 

Thanks Jerry for having me out! This center was a really inspiring place, it is such a great thing for these kids to get to come here after school to focus on their homework, play, use the computer lab, practice sports, and get to have a nurturing spot to be social and have community time. I love that a group effort to paint Jerry's design is what made this come together.

I think this is a really perfect design that elevated this community building to something bright and inviting. The colorful biomorphic quality to this interpretive jungle backdrop reflects the warm environment of the facility, and the people who dedicate themselves to the well being of these kids.

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